Located next to Ferreira do Zęzere village, 18Km from Tomar City, “Rio Azul” bed and breakfast offers equipped single and double rooms, sundeck and privative parking in a familiar environment. 

Set were the Mountain finds the river, and were nature has a prominence place, among colourful places, such as “Dornes”, "Tomar", “Avecasta”, “Castelo do Bode” Lake, "Zęzere River", “Vila de Rei”, etc.

It is the ideal place to rest or, if you’re more adventurous, is the perfect place for outdoor activities. You can also appreciate the local cuisine, such as the fry “Achigă” (tasting river fish); “leităo ŕ ferreirense” and desserts like the famous “tigeladas” and “bons maridos”.

Next to one of the greatest and cleanest artificial lakes of Europe, you can enjoy the best of nature

Rio-Azul bed and breakfast Ferreira do Zezere village Ilha Lombo - Zezere river
Dornes BTT Ferreira do Zezere village


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